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About Tingley & Associates

Professional Land Surveyors in Stanton, MI

Tingley & Associates PC was founded on January 1, 1987. Since our beginning, we have sought to be more than just a deed staker for our clients — we strive to provide courteous, professional land surveying services. We research all avenue before putting irons in the ground, as we recognize our work affects at least four people. In addition to land surveying, we partner with an engineering firm to provide a range of engineering services.

Our company is the designated land surveyor for the remonumentation of Montcalm and Gratiot Counties in Michigan. In 1991, the State of Michigan decided to remonument all of the section corners and ¼ corners of each section in every township in each county throughout the state. The government corners are then considered permanent objects and recorded at the County Register of Deeds offices.

Land Surveyors in Michigan are required to have a Bachelor’s Degree, as well as at least 4 years of experience. After gaining these credentials, they take a 3-part licensing exam. As a professionally licensing surveyor, you are required to follow all local, state, and federal law in regards to land surveying.

Meet Our Staff

William Tingley

Professional Surveyor
Licensed in 1983

Jeffery Larson

Party Chief, Associate Degree in Surveying from FSU
with 22 years experience

Tracy Pritchard

Remonumentation Expert, Bachelor degree from FSU
with 16 years experience

Linda Probst

Remonumentation Secretary and Account Manager, with 30 years experience

For more information about our land surveying services, to receive a free estimate, or to schedule service, please contact us at 989.831.5322. We look forward to working with you.